arrow_back How to properly submit files to GitHubGitLab using Vs code?

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Good afternoon!
Faced with Git, but in all the training video forums work with a local project (site). That is, the project lies on HDD, it is edited, tracked changes in Github Desktop and sent to Github without any problems.
But how to configure this work if the site is FTPSFTP ?
Vs Code allows you to work with Git, but how that works is not entirely clear.
I tried to connect to the site using WinSCP and Putty, through winSCP + editor I made changes and through Putty sent data to the server, but it does not always work correctly, from time to time errors like - I made changes to the file, then I use commands git status, add ., commit, push to send the server, it shows "Everything up-to-date" but in fact the data is old, even without taking into account that I created a new branch.

My question probably implies a big answer, but I can not find that answer, I hope one of you will help by sending a link to the sources to study, or can tell you what to look for and advise the best option.

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Good afternoon! Try using the "Remote - SSH" extension for VS Code.