arrow_back When I left a list of HTTP events in the simulation filter, then after that the following error Host Name Unresolved appeared for some reason?

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There was a small problem with the 4th lab work. I left only HTTP in the simulation filter. After that I went to the web-client, opened the Desktop tab and went to the web-browser tab, where I entered the address of the site. Well, then I popped up this error! I do not know how to fix it, at the same time, when the filter leave all the checkboxes all is sent and works as it should ! Can you help with this problem, since I am a beginner and just learning. And it is related to the lab, and it needs to finish and send by Wednesday.5f764410b09ee441704495.png5f76442af375a993912178.png

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DNS server "ON" and no records on the server?