arrow_back How can I generate a list of all possible forms (in different number, gender, and case) from a word?

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For the first time faced with such a problem and do not know from what side to look for solutions on google.
Has anyone dealt with a similar task?
Interested in the Russian language for now, then you will need English.

Edit: I don't want to implement this myself. I am interested if there are ready-made solutions.


Let's think together (I'm a JAVA zero)...

Let's think together (I'm a JAVA zero)...

For example, "eternal. We determine the gender (masculine), part of speech (adjective), number (singular), case (nominative). And then according to the rules laid down by the Russian and Mighty, we begin to modify our variable.
I don't want to implement it myself. Maybe I asked incorrectly, I am interested if there are ready-made solutions.
kidar2 you asked a question with the tag "algorithms" even though you are looking for a ready-made solution. You were given answers, which you obviously don't like because you are not asking what you are looking for, and told how to find the first link on google what you really need.
What a bunch of rude bums!
Adamos , Typical Russian forum, maximum courtesy and usefulness of the answers :)
kidar2 Is it difficult for you to compile a ready-made Google query, too?
It's called "morphology" if there are gaps in education.
Lonely Ice , the rules? In Russian and Mighty? If you want to make your computer laugh, ask it for the correct translation of the word "okay.
Lonely Ice and the law is the law. Yes, it's confusing, yes, it doesn't work, but it is ;)
Adamos ,

Rules are rules. Yes, they're complicated, but they're there.
I'm such a mess with tags

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A google search:pymorphy2 java and then follow the links.
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Zaliznyak's Dictionary is a help if you are going to dig ab ovo.
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The easiest way is to take a dictionary of endings and use them to calculate a word and its word forms.