arrow_back How do I increase the Level API on my Android 6.0 tablet?

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Faced with the problem of installing a new version of WeChat on a Chinese tablet (android 6.0). It turned out that WeChat versions starting from 7.0.7 require Android 5.0 (Level API > 21). I checked my "Chinese system" - it turns out Android 6.0 & Level API 19 (!).
How can this be and how can it be fixed?

I see that everywhere android 6.0 comes with level API 23... I found that this value is displayed in build.prop file - parameter and that changing it is extremely dangerous for further normal operation of the android system.
As far as I understand, this problem will be when you update-install the rest of the applications as well.
Please tell me how to get out of this situation more easily.

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What wonders wonders from the Chinese...

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Looks like the cunning Chinese just corrected the displayed name. Because to lower the level of api from 23 to 19 makes no sense. But to rename 4.4 to 6.0

There is a clearly visible sign of 5.1
This is a class for rendering pdf files.
I have an application that requires at least 5.1
If the rabbt crashes when viewing pdf files. then the tablet is definitely a renamed 4-4