arrow_back The scss sector is underlined, how can I remove it?

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If anything, I'm a newbie, I might say something wrong.
How do I remove the underline selector error in scss files? There is no such underline in simple css.
P.S In the settings SCSS Lint: Empty Rules put ignore, yes with empty blocks removed underline, but underwritten selectors are not, it is very annoying for some reason.

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May I ask why? He's underlining everything correctly and getting rid of the helper to then make stupid, mistakes seems kind of weird.

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This is not a selector error, but a syntax error. If it is not removed, you will not be able to compile SCSS into CSS!
In this case, the linter tells you that the selector should not be left without contents!
Add curly braces after the selector and the error disappears.


From experience, I can say that the error highlighting is annoying only until it seriously helps to solve the problem. This is especially true for SASS.

When the code grows, such an error can completely paralyze the work.
Ah, the linter will help you find it quickly. Without it, it would be much harder to do.

To disable the linter, simply change the backlight type to plain text.
The code highlighting does not work, but there is no error highlighting either.

ZS. And once I had to write code in a simple notepad. And surprisingly, no one complained!
I understand all this, but it really annoys me, every time you enter a new error blinks, annoying