arrow_back Facebook Ads asks me to post changes every time, even though I don't make changes. Why is that?

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Good afternoon!

I've been bombarded for days. Tried to access the ad room through different browsers, and different computers. It doesn't work.

Every time I open an ad, Facebook activates the "Publish" button as if I made a change, but I didn't make the change.

This only happens in a campaign with the "Posts" - "Instagram Direct" goal.

Moreover, when I open an ad, then in the Company Identification block (where the list of Instagram accounts opens) the right Instagram account on behalf of which the ad will be loaded for a long time.
And it often happens that the wrong instagram account is loaded.

It may be related.

Please help. I could not find a solution on the Internet.

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Maybe your internet speed is lagging and that's why the right Instagram account does not have time to load. Once the waiting time is exceeded, another account is automatically shown, most likely the first one to be loaded, and this will be considered a change, so every time the publish button is activated.
It is easy to check for an error by opening the browser console.

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Well, when another account is inserted there, this is the change