arrow_back Where do I start learning SEO + ADS from scratch?

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I want to start training in SEO + ADS from scratch, where should I start and how to learn? Before that I was a programmer for a year and a half, worked as a fullstack developer, layout + back-end, I understand the basic terms of seo and ads, such as: headlines, site optimization for extradition, sewing goals, metrics, cpc, ctr, cpm, bounce rate, engagement rate.


kimqar_ver I know what you mean. I used to plan to do that too, and I even did it. And then I went back to programming.
Why are you disgracing our ranks, going to the Seoshniki (crooks) and the monkeys (marketers)? Everything was going well for you - you had time to think about the backend and the front end.

But as for the subtext - download the course [Anton Markin] "SEO genome" GOLD - 2020... - it's for SEO
And for marketing, well, there are plenty of them.
Glory So I am not going to do programming further), I am now reading literature, asking acquaintances about the business, taking courses in the areas of digital. In general, I develop to understand at least the basic aspects in all areas, because in the future I want to hire a team that will close projects on a turnkey basis, and without understanding the basics, I can not get a team
kimqar_ver I wonder in what area (direction) business you want to open?
kimqar_ver You chase ten girls, you won't get laid with a single one.)
To become a marketer and SEO, it is advisable to work at an agency. Courses alone are not enough.

And to open your own agency you don't have to know how to do everything yourself. It's better to master programming well and hire a marketing specialist, or to work with him. There, too, the knowledge is constantly changing. The offices of advertising platforms are changing. You have to keep up with this work all the time. You cannot combine it with programming. Programming requires concentration and serious projects are not written in one month. Only if you take on progers in the staff, but they must be paid a lot. Otherwise they will run away or take on shifts and do everything slowly.
Glory No )))), I just want to slowly learn all the areas in digital, so that in the future, in 5 years, to start my own business in the field of digital
kimqar_ver The best SEO training is to promote your business website to the top, you will solve real problems every month, plus on your project achieve good indicators of their advertising campaign.
If you are too lazy to learn on your own project, find friends who need promotion
alex4answ , digital
Yaroslav Alexandrov , good advice, thank you, just wanted to when I start the site, I will promote seo + ads myself

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Of the books I can advise Ashmanova . From the video channel SEO without water from Andrei Buylov.
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Pick up any book on the subject and read


There is a lot of junk on the Internet and in books, a person who knows nothing about this subject (me), with a probability close to 100% will read the junk and just lose time. I would like to know what is the BEST book to read, so as not to lose time in vain
kimqar_ver Well, that's why I advise you to read a book instead of reading on the Internet, go to a bookstore.