arrow_back Where can I find KPScript documentation for KeePass?

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KeePass supports automation through KPScript By writing a program with a .kps extension in C#
Found an example in the form of
// KeePass Master Key information
CompositeKey inputKey = new CompositeKey();
inputKey.AddUserKey(new KcpPassword(cmdArgs["pw"]));
inputKey.AddUserKey(new KcpKeyFile(cmdArgs["keyfile"]));

// Set up connection to Master KeePass Database
IOConnectionInfo iocInput = new IOConnectionInfo();
iocInput.Path = cmdArgs["infile"];
PwDatabase pwInputDB = new PwDatabase();
pwInputDB.Open( iocInput, inputKey, null);
But I can't find any documentation on these classes/methods to write my own program. Maybe someone can help?

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Apparently, it does not exist. You need to look at the source code of KeePass or the source code of similar plugins and analyze them.