arrow_back How do I see my ad from Yandex Direct in Yandex?

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I enter campaigns -> groups in Yandex direct, go to the group with the most impressions and look at ads, make sure that there are impressions, go back to the group and for the group with the most impressions, in the column "key phrases" unfold a list of phrases, copy any of them and search for it in Yandex, but I do not see my ads on the first, second, third, fifth, tenth pages of Yandex. Adblock turned off and other people's ads I see, but not theirs. In the time frame of the shows I fit, what else could it be?

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There could be many reasons.
First, the differences in targeting. In addition to timeframes, it can be geotargeting and negative adjustments to the audience you're targeting.
Second, the budget. If the daily or weekly budget is already spent or close to it. If there is a distributed display mode or a strategy with a weekly budget.
Third, the age of activation of the campaign. If a campaign has recently been launched or has just been activated after being stopped, it needs time to start showing.
Fourthly, you can't rule out behavioral adjustments when Yandex doesn't show or omits ads if it doesn't consider you a target audience. Especially if the strategy is some kind of conversion or profitability.
Fifth, it is worth checking whether the status of the phrase is "few hits" in which it will not appear in search.
Finally, sixth, there are glitches in Yandex. If all of the above does not apply to your campaign, then try to wait a little or see the output through another device.