arrow_back How much useful to specify the sites on which displays are banned?

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In the report on advertising companies looked at the statistics for sites and there at the top found the site and apparently it is for schoolchildren. So on this site (site) there are quite a few impressions, if I understand correctly of course. I.e., Yandex Direct embeds advertising on the sites and pays for clicks from these sites, not just clicks from the search results on Yandex as far as I understood.

So from this site reshuege occurs clicks on advertising installation organization. What can this say - schoolchildren just click on the curious ads and absolutely no good from advertising and transitions from this site will not be and can safely prohibit this and similar sites, so as not to pay for the transition for nothing?

You can also see that the site "Yandex Images" is leading in clicks and impressions. I.e., a man looking for a picture and in the search results for pictures sees ads and clicks on it, but he needed a picture - he may be for the picture and went to the site, so that the probability that he would be a customer is extremely doubtful and the site pictures can also safely cut off?

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Of course, it is worth cutting out unnecessary sites. But there are two principles to follow:
1. There were no useful conversions from the site for a long time (for this, of course, you need to set up tracking of conversions to the site).
2. A sufficient amount of data has been accumulated on the site. That is, if it was 1 click for a couple of weeks, it will not tell you anything. But starting with 10, 50, 100 clicks, the statistics becomes indicative.