arrow_back Explain how to install the VS code plugin "eCSStractor"?

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) Copies a piece of html code and pastes it into the scss preprocessor, and it provides a link to a plugin that allows such convenient copying, but how do I install such a plugin in visual code? Help.

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Open all the code, go to plugins, put it in search eCSStractor .
It's hard, I know, but what can I do? It took me 16 seconds to do it. Yeah, I did the math.


So there are special settings for BEM. Alier
ErikHoffen , it's funny. You don't know the basics of the game, I give you information, and you send me away.
Well, I'm sure you can handle it. Although... You haven't even mastered basic search skills.
ErikHoffen , question:
how to install the plugin for VS code "eCSStractor"?

You open all the code, go into plugins, type eCSStractor into the search box.

As for the "haltering," there is suddenly a setting in the wskod.
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1. Includes inheritance by BEM.
2. Add parentheses.
3. do not add an empty line after each tag.
4. Comment style.
5. open the pulled tags in a new window or copy them to the buffer.
6. Separator view.
7. Whether or not to add an empty line after the tag.