arrow_back How do I adapt the table?

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The point is that there is such a table: 5f9d286071e91730852662.png

If the resolution is less than 640, you have to make it so: 5f9d2885084cd957935907.png

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If these are letters, no

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You make a media selector, and for the columns you want, you make a display nonetheless.
I was writing from my cell phone, so it's not quite right.
Here's your case
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In fact, one of the most effective options is to create a horizontal scrolling table.
I found one interesting approach to table adaptivity. It consists of using data attributes and pseudoclasses.
You can see an example on my website page
There is a table at the bottom of the page. try reducing the width of the window. I hope you like this option.
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Use media queries and pseudo elements. Check out an example from one of my sites:
Scroll down to the table and try reducing the width of the window.