arrow_back How do I get rid of spam orders in WooCommerce?

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Spam orders began to come in... with false numbers and addresses. How do I fight this? For the first time encountered. Maybe someone has experience google captchy put on the confirmation button order.

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Solved the problem with Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha plugin.
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with false numbers and addresses
Validate always what may be "left-handed": language, country, region by phone number, city, address, etc.
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Captcha is a half-measure. I do not know how, but bots bypass it. Only reCAPTCHA v1 (picture recognition) will do. Versions 2 and 3 skip bots.

A more radical option is asynchronous loading of forms. That is to load a form through AJAX on the button or after loading the page. Bots are not friendly with JavaScript as far as I remember. I use this method, no spam for more than a year. This option does not torture the user's eyes and works fine.

Additionally, you can "encrypt" the contacts that are published on the site. For example, like this:

<!-- Наши ссылки на контакты -->
<a id="phone" href="tel:бот">берет</a>
<a id="email" href="mailto:за">щёку</a>

// Ожидаем когда страница загрузится
document.body.onload = function() {
// Делаем подмену номера телефона
$("#phone").attr("href", "tel:89009009090");

// Делаем подмену email
$("#email").attr("href", "");
If you make asynchronous forms and hide contacts in a similar way, automatic spamming is unlikely to be possible. However, beware of stubborn managers who send spam with handles. And don't write anything about cheeks) there's a chance that the user might see the content in the links before the switch if the internet is weak.