arrow_back What to build an information portal in 2020 on?

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We need to make an information portal from scratch. There should be several sections like "news, catalog, contacts", so content managers should have a convenient cms to add, for example, news and products to the site. Additionally, we should write a backend to select interesting products depending on the interest of the user, and it will work with his cookies (so that, for example, on reloading the selection of products is not reset). In this case, I do not want to load for a long time. Plus I also want all this is not outdated in six months, because the project is planned for the long term and should then be able to expand it all, attach new features, etc.
I've done small sites before with cms, etc., but they were small projects with no backend.
Ready to learn anything, no problem with that.
The main question is: how and on what to build such an information portal?
For example, you could first just do a simple layout, then attach some vue to it and somehow connect it all with some modx or joomla

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Jumla has its own framework.
Learn and complete the module (or even start from scratch if you want).
Every CMS has its own framework!
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I don't care what it was, as long as it had a modern web framework.
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Judging by the task, you need a framework, and judging by the formulation of the question, it will not help you to solve the problem at the moment. Try October CMS :
powerful. It's all thanks to the Laravel Framework under the hood. From examples of large portals on it:;
Both are quite complex technically, with a lot of internal services "under the hood", "live" on several servers, with high daily attendance.