arrow_back How do I work with imagemagick?

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I have an image that I want to change with imagemagick via php.

The question is, how am I supposed to specify parameters without knowing how they will change my image?

For example, we take Photoshop, where we change something and immediately see the result. How does it work in imagemagick? Do we blindly apply changes?

Is there some online tool where I can upload an image and apply the necessary parameters, and then copy them into my code?

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Who prevents you from experimenting with a single, test file (group of files).
If you are satisfied with the result, apply it to your script


Sazanovdm ,
Well, open this image in any viewer,
after changing a file on the server, reload/update the file.
don't forget about caching (you have to disable it, otherwise the old / cached file will be opened and you won't see the changes)
SOTVM So, there is no such thing as in Photoshop - you upload an image and when you apply changes you immediately see the result?