arrow_back Make a filter request form on the main page with facet wp?

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Friends, I purchased this paid plugin -
Great convenient flexible filter, the catalog page was set up without problems according to the documentation.

But the question arose, and support is silent for 3 days.
There is a filter on the catalog page

Everything works as it should, but the following must be done on the home page

That is, from the main organize sending filter parameters, so that the directory has already passed with the selected filters.
In principle, there should be no problem with the region. Since the field is in the catalog filter, but what about the dates?
After all, I have a period of dates in the catalog, and on the main "month. That is, when you select "In January" when you go to the catalog in the filters should be the range

01.01.2021 - 31.01.2021, etc. depending on the selected month. How to implement this fic? can anyone have worked with facet? the plugin is good.

I have attached the links to the documentation

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Look carefully at the docs and you will see the facetwp_query_args hook

Accordingly, you get the month there, convert it to a date range, and send this range to the parameters you need, it looks like you have meta_query