arrow_back What tasks to solve before the municipal stage of the WASH?

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To be more specific, we're about to have the municipal stage of the WASH. According to my knowledge I should write it, and even not bad, but I have a feeling that I can somehow write it badly and not pass to the regional stage.

The last couple of contests at codeforces, the recent olympiad within the OSOP from Innopolis were not written well. I'm afraid that this will happen at the municipal stage as well. I know more than enough by topics, even for the regional stage, of course I can not apply everything perfectly and at once, but nevertheless. What puzzles you advise to solve before the municipal stage? They are not very complicated, but given that we are in Kazan, it is more complicated than in other cities. Thank you all in advance.

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First of all, it is useful to solve problems of the same stage of previous years.