arrow_back How do I make the text not jump back and forth when zooming?

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There is such a site:
Go there and notice the text that begins, "Equally, the further development of various forms of activity requires us to analyze systems of mass participation. "
Now zoom in on the site and this text starts jumping back and forth.
There you go:
This is a ready-made theme for vodrpress, called Astra. There added this background through functions.php


anvarik2 , rewrite them so that the site looks the way you want it to.
I don't jump, by the way. Or maybe you've already corrected it.
I have nothing jumping, but maybe you've already managed to fix it. In general, it is better to write your own code and do not use Wordpress.
Ankhena , and how do I fix it?
Michael I don't understand it at all, so can you please explain what to do with this code? Where do I put it?
The zoom changes the size of the viewport and the corresponding rules from the media conditions apply.
It has the wrong section structure from the beginning

.vc_custom_1604319901390 {
margin-top: 220px !important;
Compresses the text at the top, moves the bottom

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The way it's done is the way it works.


And the right answer is not to use constructors. But you won't like it)