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There is a monolith, which is slightly split into 3 servers, base, sockets and front + back.
Service is growing, a lot falls on sockets as constant communication, the average online 4-5k, a total of 30k people and growing.
After reading the hubs, I wanted to build a socket server on golang.
In one of the articles on the hubra was to raise the issue of census, the most productive socket server was on the elixir, second place holong, kept online at 30k on a weak machine (core i5), there was a test on a home laptop.

Actually the question is, now everything is connected to laravel pusher, how hard will it be to remove the pusher and connect sockets golang? How much code will need to dig through and where to start looking? No experience in golang as well as this kind of code rewrite.

On the old server in the maximum load test, our server gave 7k online, which is 3 times less than the socket server on the elixir/golang. That's why we asked ourselves this question.

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There are no obstacles or problems, sit down and write.