arrow_back How to connect a public cadastral map to the site?

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Good day! Is there any way to integrate a public cadastral map with your site that would display points on the cadastral number.

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Only if you have a cadastral number deflator to geo-coordinates

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And where do we get it?
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Artem Lungu There is official and up-to-date documentation, and you need to work with it.
Anton Shamanov I can't insert the script. Here's the article I used
Artem Lungu If you have questions about integration - here, if you need a specific implementation - go to freelance
Almost. You just have to integrate the map into your site.
Anton Shamanov I found this article with this integration code

the map loads, but the coordinates don't show anything. fromLonLat([36.6549, 50.5938]) does not draw on the map