arrow_back How to fix html.action address cropping?

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For example, I have a login controller (get and post) each return iactionresult view()...
In the view I have an outline of texboxes and buttons, it all turns into html.beginform(account, login)...
Question: How can I add host/.../.../account/login to the url, for example?
How to make these dots in the address bar. For when deployed on the server - I have a problem in the form of eating the address bar and instead of the correct address as host/.../.../account/login
When you click on a button like sumbit, the address bar is truncated to host/account/login

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of course you could add new{@action = "/.../.../account/login" - but then the project would crash locally

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Use attributes
Controller() {}
P.S I think you need to check the endpoints to make it work