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On what principle are made editors of characters in the game (like in the game Sims, you know, change the size of the head or lips, for example)? Interested in links, articles, videos - anything to understand the basics (preferably in Russian). Or maybe there are ready-made libraries? I am also interested, is it realistic to make a simple character editor using only blueprints? If yes, maybe there are some tutorials? Maybe it can be done in some other way?

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There are two ways - with editing the meshes and without editing the meshes.
Without editing - it's easier for the programmer, but more complicated for the artists (probably). Roughly speaking - you draw 10 options for ears, 10 options for lips, 10 points of their placement on the head - and it's all DISCRETE to the user. I.e. 3 sets of ears to attach to point 8 on the head - that's what the user chooses.
With editing - this is when there are "sliders" - i.e. you can adjust the same lip size. Here, the effect of a specific slider on specific mesh vertices is already described algorithmically. It is quite possible that in some cases you can do with a lerp between the two extremes.