arrow_back Need help with the terms of reference. What to google?

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Wrote HR little-known company and offered to try to perform a technical task:
1) The console application for collecting information from computer and sending it to webService. Connection must be set by webSocket. Information for collecting: Computer name, time zone, OS Name, .net version.

2) WebService should track when device goes online and offline, get information from device every 5 minutes and send that information to azure function.

3) Azure function for processing information from webService. It should update information only if needed (if we found the difference between current state and previous result) use DB ms sql, for connection - linqToDB

I'm just beginning to learn ASP, and I don't understand what they want me to do. But nevertheless I want on the basis of this task to try to start to understand ASP. The question is: What do I need to google and know to perform each task at a minimum level.

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I think that's a bit much for a test assignment.

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They want a console application that sends data to a web service via a web socket.
A web service wants to accept data from a console application via a websocket.
Azure want function that handles information from the web service. Use ms sql server database, and linkToDb to interact with the database.
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Google will not help you here
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If you're just starting to learn ASP, in order to do everything competently and with understanding, not by copying everything, you have to start with a good understanding of the basics and improve your skills. Do not immediately climb on it)