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Colleagues, my wife asked to make her an online children's toy store, and she has one very important requirement - the store must be a referral program, as on iHerb. That is, the link to the store must be the form XYZ123.MYSHOP.COM or at least MYSHOP.COM? XYZ123, by clicking on which customers will be set coke referral, and then every purchase referral kopechka drops on internal balance.

I myself write in C#, I am not familiar with PHP at all.

Please tell me, what are the names of e-Commerce CMS, in which this feature (reflink) is available from the box?

If such CMS do not exist, please tell me the name of e-Commerce CMS written in ASP.NET, that I could (theoretically) finish writing this refprogram (NOT WANTED, I do not want to add anything, I just want to buy, upload to hosting and run).

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