arrow_back What is Okko Party written in and how does it work?

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There's website, allowing you to watch movies with other people. I want to do something similar, but I don't understand how a real-time movie transfer works, as I understand it?
Is it possible to transfer a movie from your server in the same way?

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The Okko backend is in Java. Real-time video streaming is just normal streaming. You can stream a movie from your server the same way, if a couple or three people watch it. If there are more movies and more people, your server will go down very quickly under load.


Sergey Gornostaev Okay, I get it, for multicast you need a server with movies. Can I use a pirate aggregator-player with movies as a server ( not advertising )? I realize that my question is different from what I asked before, but still
Urope I don't understand the question. What exactly do you want? Use your server as a provider of co-browsing functionality and the pirate resource as a data source? The same video is spinning, I think.
Maxim Lensky Yes, the movies in the service, not the commercial on the landing page.
Sergey Gornostaev ,
Real-time video transmission
that's what you said.
Maxim Lensky What are you talking about? What does the link to the promo have to do with it?
Urope It's complicated. You need at least 5 years of commercial experience in asynchronous networking software and data streaming.
Sergey Gornostaev I want to write a service that will allow users to watch movies together, and the source will be this player aggregator.
I don't have it in my head how it should all work. I don't have access to the movies, then how do I interact with them and transfer them over the websocket?
I was told that you can send videos from YouTube to multiple clients via a websocket, but I don't understand how to do this without downloading the videos themselves.
In general, I have no idea in my head how all this should work