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In the program Adobe Captivate, created courses with interactives (if I understand correctly they use flash), they can be unloaded as a zip or swf. In the first option, I unzip them on the server, and then the employees run, but some of the interaction does not work. Is there any option or a player that allows you to do to make all the functionality works.
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What exactly don't you like about swf? If something does not work in swf, it means that you either have a poorly configured project, or poorly exported
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Forget the flash already

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The problem is with the Flash Player blocking. The .zip case uses the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX. In Windows 10, it is updated automatically and is blocked after January 12, 2021.
There are three solutions:
1. Install the custom player:
I recommend the Adobe Flash Player mod time bomb to 2040 repack by lrepacks. It is not disabled.
2. edit the mms.cfg file:
In the file C:{Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg you must add lines that allow local Flash files.
3. use the Chinese player:
In South Africa and China, there is nowhere without Flash, so it lives and develops there. At the moment, they have already released version, while Adobe has

But it is better to export to .swf and use standalone debug protector flash player.