arrow_back How to implement online verification of results?

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Good afternoon, I want to implement an online check for exam results.
Let's say a person enters his ID in the input of the site and based on this ID he is shown the results of his tests.

Here's a similar system, only it checks fines.
Please advise how to implement this


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We need an "id;result" base.
You need a web page with an "Enter ID:" form.
We need a backend that takes the contents of a form and queries the database by ID, returning the result to the frontend.
That's it.

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Thanks for the reply. Already did
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1. you take the developers
2. You draw up the ToR together with them
3. Developers, for money, make a product

In brief, what will be required:
1. database with results
2. you need to authorize users only to their results (authentication + confirmation will be required if taken from other sources)
3. and a script that stuffs everything into html.


I need it without authorization and without anything.
It's just a simple intu, you type in an idi and the results come out
Let's say I have an ID 102020. I write it in the intuition and at the bottom it shows how many points I have and that's it
Rebldomakr then exclude point 2 :)