arrow_back Technology for creating an installation file. Squirrel.Windows might be a good solution?

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Good afternoon!

Need advice from professionals on the choice of technology for creating an installation file for the program.

We are talking about a small program for the desktop. The program receives signals from the mobile app via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Thus it is possible to control the PC via the mobile app.

I would like to have one installation file for the program.
And was not a set of files: setup, Application Files, autorun, etc.
What technology would you advise for creating such a single file that included components?

Can Squirrel.Windows technology be a good solution?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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What I see in this application. The MSI technology is skipped and that's the end of it. Your application can be distributed in this case at least in SFX archive.

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Thank you for the links.
If you compare Squirrel and Wix.
Does Wix have advantages?

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Lots of them.
MSI is a standard package which can be installed and deployed through group policies
2. standard deletion and update mechanism
3. Dialog customization
4. multilingualism
5. the ability to create your own handlers (e.g. the form of connection to the sql server and filling it with data)

And a bunch of other stuff
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I would recommend
Here's a good article on hubra