arrow_back Why does linux send a lot of data when loading pages?

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For example, opening any page and see a download speed of 5 Mbps while the upload speed of about 500kbit, sometimes up to 700, I thought it was firefox that mutts that, but no I downloaded chrome and the same situation, went to the Windows it is completely different, the output speed when loading pages no more than 100kbit.
What is it?


How do you fix the upload and download speeds on linux and on windows?
SZZ: the speed of data transfer and the amount of information transferred are different things
xotkot The thing is that a lot of data is sent, for example, on the Windows a lot less is sent in the same browser, and on the Linux in both browsers is such a story
kaktak255 The thing is that you do not write down how you record how much information is transmitted, from which you can draw many different conclusions
So the faster the better, no?
Sand Am I the only one who has such strange things or not?
Sand , applet (in english) Downloading and downloading speed, on vin netlimiter4
In the browser, in developer mode (f12 firefox), open the network tab -> ctrl+f5 -> click on the data that appears -> save as har.
Provide the file here.
Don't forget to wipe cookies (session mostly) beforehand.
megabit or megabyte?

>see the download speed

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big brother is watching you )
Go back to Windows = everything is "democratic and liberal" there