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Hi all, can you please tell me how to download videos posted on video hosting
There are no m3u8 or ts files, you can't even open the console normally. How to get a link to the file, I do not know.
All kinds of extensions for downloading videos do not help. Google doesn't know either.
P.S. It's just that opens an Asian site, and that's not it. I should add /watch_video.php to But the main site is still
Example video
There's a burger menu, you can find any clip there.


You can't even open the console properly.
Boy, that's a shame.
Everything opens beautifully, looks great, pulls out...

NJohnDoe why give links to shit? You can't give me a link to a video example, can you?
ThunderCat are we talking about the same thing? There's a player on and you can't get video there.
There's some Asian website at That's not it at all. But if you add /watch_video.php to, it gets you where you want to go.
nokimaro but how do you put together an m3u8 playlist from what you got? I was able to get the same link, but how to make m3u8 out of it I don't know. If I paste it into my browser and add m3u8 or ts, I get 403 forbidden. VLC doesn't recognize it either.
NJohnDoe I think you should hire a professional to solve this issue and not to violate the rules of qna service.
ThunderCat I just never went to waaw, but there was a link in the source pages, too. I didn't know it was going to an Asian site. I added an example video.
Example video

I don't think you're watching it right.
as I see a normal m3u8 with hls stream
nokimaro and how did you get that? Does it show up on any clip or just that one? This is what it shows me.

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Try VideDownloadCapture, available on the tracker, v 6.3.1 captures video normally.
Well, as a last resort free FastStoneCapture, writes with the screen, but with it all the video will have to scroll.