arrow_back Can I work in Android Studio without Intel HAXM?

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I recently installed Android Studio on my old Win7 system. It took about 2 hours to install. Everything opened properly, started to work and faced with the fact that neither the compiler nor the emulator would start. I can't say exactly what was holding me back, but the system told me to install Intel HAXM. My computer is old, 2003 year, I don't plan to upgrade yet (I need to learn first) I can't reinstall Windows either.
The purpose of the studio download: to create and run a simple Hello World application on mobile and build it up a little bit at a time. Is it possible to do this without tambourines or do I have to upgrade my computer to the level of a Chinese "supercomputer"? Maybe I should not install Android Studio yet, but install something simpler?
For now, I want to understand how to do Hello World, practice with design (minimal) and work with sqlite databases.


"My computer is old, from 2003." - Is that a Pentium 4 or something?
What kind of processor?
In general, I recommend upgrading your computer. Weak hardware can still be useful when you know 100% what to do, but in your case, ignorance is added to system limitations. Modern ide makes development (and learning it) a lot easier.
If you don't have money to buy new, I suggest looking at old Xeon: E5450 for 775 socket or X3440 for 1156. They don't cost a lot of money, but you will be able to work already.
Impact. The most common reason for Intel HAXM not installing is that the BIOS has the virtualization support setting turned off. But it looks like it won't help you:
Does it have an effect? I need any development environment in which I can create applications. And the factor of speed and convenience due to the demanding system at the moment does not play a role. Celeron 2.2, RAM 2

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Try compiling from the command line -

Theoretically, you don't need AndroidStudio to develop for Android. It is enough to put sdk. But it will not be very convenient.)