arrow_back What's the style called? And where can I find these in png)?

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Good day to you all)
Very much need to understand what this style is, as I want to use similar images in web design, but I can not even understand where to find them, and it would be cool to have more transparency)

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A regular object stand. Look on shutterstock for white backgrounds, etc.
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I really need to understand what kind of style this is

Hmm... I have an idea that this is IKEA

Where to look for them

Google it? IKEA catalogs?

And it would be cool with transparency.)

It would be cool if you could learn some kind of graphic editor or something...

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Is there any particular style here?
I think it's just a 3D thing...
It will be easier to create what you need in 3D, and there will be transparency.

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Well, in general, it feels like they tried to do it in a steampunk style... just a very tentative attempt.