arrow_back What book for confident Junior JAVA do you recommend?

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The situation is as follows, a friend's birthday soon, works and enjoys JAVA, now a confident junior, I want to give him a book to improve his skills and qualifications, what can you advise?
PS "The Perfect Code" s. McConnel is already available.


If you don't know the subject matter, it's better not to search the literature.

Or give me Knut, an all-time classic.
Java Concurrency in Practice by Brian Goetz
It will immediately become insecure)
Vladislav Lyskov ,
That's why I asked the question on the thematic resource of those who chop

No one here is familiar with your comrade and his level (juniors are different).

link or a more detailed name of the "whip"?

Implied Donald Knuth and his Art of Programming series of books.
For myself, I can say that in my right mind I would not buy these books, but I would gladly take them as a gift.
Fat Lorrie , I do not chop, so I asked a question on the subject resource to those who chop, and can you please link or more detailed name of the "whip"?
Fat Lorrie , this book by this author Just great, but it's a little expensive for me, anyway, you can put your comments in the answers, I'll be sure to mark the decision
Thank you so much!

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Definitely not a housewife's recipe book

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Evgeny Petrosyan, is that you?