arrow_back How to properly arrange the products on the site?

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There are 5 products, each of them should have its own description, name and picture. How to arrange them nicely? JavaScript's I can not write, but they are welcome.

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Adobe XD download it for free and have fun. Then you'll find a freelancer

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frillpunser... hmm, sounds)
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A list. Or a table. Or place them in a circle, or like the Olympic rings, or on a dice, or in a pentagram. Are you a designer or something?

What do scripts have to do with anything?


fasfer : Then a table or a list. And for more complex options, hire a designer.
Sergey Goryachev : I would like some simple advice, as I am neither a designer nor a front-end designer myself.
Just a man wants to be done for free and beautiful, that's all.