arrow_back What programming technologies/languages were used in such legendary game projects as the Demons/Dark souls series?

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1) I am more interested in the technical part of this question.
Programming languages/technologies used in these projects, etc.
2) How did people become game makers at that time? What approach did people take?
Was it from the series: Aha, for such a project we need the C++ language and the EU engine,
let's move in that direction.
3) Which language would be more favorable for android game development?
-I've seen a lot of arguments about this question... Someone is using bindings with java,
and someone with c#, etc. I would like to hear some specifics on this topic.

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1) What languages the developers know and what technologies they can afford to buy.
2) If something unique, then stupid sat down and wrote on what is convenient, if you originally aimed at a particular genre, for example a strategy is stupid bought the engine from developers who have done the strategy on it. Conventionally speaking wanted to clone Dune2000 then buy the engine Dune and make your own game.
3) Java\C#\C\C++\JS\Kotlin and a dozen more. What is more convenient and what they use.

There is nothing fantastic in DS and the mechanics/graphics of the game can be easily duplicated on any engine.
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2. I think it depends on the knowledge of technology in key developers in companies. Large projects often use self-written or seriously modified third-party engines. C++ is used because it provides more low-level resource management.
If you write a game from scratch, JAVA knowledge will be needed in any case, otherwise it all depends on the selected engine.

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I'm sorry, but why does JAVA have to be there anyway?
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You could pay attention to the inscriptions at the start of the game, among which was Havok - the physics engine.
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2. What is "that time"? DS3 came out a year ago.
3. It depends on what kind of game. There can be no specifics on such an unspecific question. "Games" on android are both single-screen casuals and powerful 3d projects on Unreal, Unity, etc. engines.