arrow_back Is it possible to make a responsive carousel in bootstrap?

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On different screens can fit from 2 to 5 blocks in a row. The total number of blocks can be as many as you like. The bootstrap carousel assumes that I set the carousel cell to the item class. But I don't know how many blocks to put into this item - 2 or 4 or 5, because I don't know how many blocks will fit into the screen, since I don't know what kind of screen the user has. If I set each block as an item, then the carousel will display one block. Of course, I can redefine these classes by writing it in js. But I don't want to program that. There is a good solution to what I need here:
And the question is, is it possible to do the same on bootstrap? If so, how? If not, I will drag the jcarousel library.

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If you are good at CSS, no problem, which you take a slider is not important, the main thing as you curl and adapt it, so I say for sure you can, but will have to twist.


Sergey Illarionov I do not see the problem, what you have discounted a working solution, why it does not suit you I dunno, bootstrap as I think for coders who need to quickly zapilivat styles, experienced coders do not use it. my opinion, drag the library)
I sent you a link with a ready-made solution. What are we talking about? Read again what I need. I either use a feature in bootstrap, which I don't know about, or pull another library, which implements what I need. Why would I want to reinvent the wheel? Why did you buy yourself a computer? Following your logic, you have to solder everything yourself.
Sergey Illarionov No one will execute your ideas for you, at least JS should be written, at least to know how many blocks can fit on what resolution, magic does not happen
It's not the layout, it's the js. I wrote that I don't want to program. The question is whether I pull an extra library or use a bootstrap, if it has the scroll option I want.