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I want to write a web application photo book online.
The gist of the job:
1) Upload images to the server, cut thumbnails from them
2) Upload to the frontend
3) Arrange images according to the layout (each change of position or scale should be fixed in the database)
4) From the resulting layout form a .pdf file

Working frontend (layout) in js, using jquery-ui for drag&drop

Can you tell me what technology optimal would be suitable for such a service?

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What technology would be optimal for such a service?
The ones you know how to use.

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:D Okay, let's say you have to do it quickly, what would you use?
For what exactly? If I needed to do such a thing quickly, I'd use what I know. If I needed to make it for educational purposes, I'd use what I need to learn.
What would you use?
What is it for exactly? I would use some framework on the backend and some framework on the frontend. And some kind of communication protocol between them.

Ask a normal, specific question.