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Please tell me if there is a plugin for Wordpress that does the following:

I need the plugin to track which ip the client logged in to the site and if the previous ip is different from the new, then block his account temporarily, and me, as the administrator, to send a letter about this, that so-and-so logged in with a different ip. Also, of course, it would be cool if he could look at cookies to see that the person is obviously different.
It is necessary to detect whether the username and password are transmitted to other people (closed memebership).

Please help me find this plugin. Is there something similar?

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The only viable option to bind to a cell phone, and that is not a fact, my friend a year ago stopped using a cell phone, and a week ago decided to restore access to their mail, Yandex offered her to send an SMS to her old number, my friend took and wrote to her old number with a request to send her the code and her man, the new user of her old number, forwarded the code.

so there is no way out of this situation as such.

You can also bind to certain devices, but even Facebook is not very good at it yet, and you want a plugin for Wordpress...
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If I come in in the morning from home, in the afternoon from the office, in the evening from the coffee shop - it will be 3 different IPs. The user is really the same, everything is fair.

If I go in the morning from a computer, in the afternoon from a working laptop, in the evening from a phone or tablet - it will be 3 logins without cookies (at least the first logins, or every first after cleaning cookies). The user is really alone, everything is fair.

What you need to track is basically done with very approximate accuracy. If the IP is suddenly from another country, or from several different countries at the same time, that's a signal that the account is being tracked. On the other hand, if only from one country - but what if an honest user logged in through a VPN? Or he was in Kiev in the morning, then got on the plane and flew on a business trip, and was already in Moscow in the evening. All honestly. And then there is the anonymous mode in the browser. In general, everything is not so simple. Ready-made plugin, which would give you sane, at least a little approximation to reality, you probably will not find.


JIraFF8 : Well, this is possible. Whether there is a ready-made plugin - I do not know. But this is quite a realistic task. If there are plugins like Activity stream, Activity log, etc., they monitor all activity. You can poke around in their code, for example, to write a letter to you in case of 2 active sessions.
Thanks for the answer! What if as an option the following: is there a ready-made solution that shows if 1 login is used simultaneously on 2 different machines? That is, I logged in as a client to the site, saw what I needed. Then I closed the tab/browser (or didn't) and passed the login and password to the other person. If that person logged in, it turns out to be 2 authorizations at the same time. Can this at least be tracked and notified?
Clearly, it could be a computer/note/phone. But is it possible to just see that this login is used at the same time there and there?