arrow_back How do I connect a database replicated from another server to OWA?

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The problem is this: When a user whose mailbox is located in the Remote.mdb database logs in through OWA, he sees a message:
In Russian : Changing the server configuration temporarily prevents access to this account. Close all web browser windows and try again after a few minutes. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support.

In English: A server configuration change is temporarily preventing access to your account. Please close all Web browser windows and try again in a few minutes. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk.

Parameters in Server Configuration->Client Access04dc42bc2c3f449798393d0d7bab38bc.JPG7bce905bd98047789148535430eeefc1.JPGc979533fea7642539266665855d5afe9.JPGa4cf4a73a18442c6a22efe54a0e1f3f2.JPG

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The problem is formulated unclear, so far one thing is clear, in vain you started in AD S&S to prescribe SMTP transport for replication, and as a result you will have problems with AD replication, despite the familiar abbreviation SMTP to OWA this record has nothing to do with the work - zero. Here's a helpful article on how CAS redirection works in a multisite environment You need to read and figure it out. And AD replication is best left untouched =)

In your situation it turns out that when you access the box through OWA from another site - CAS server sees that on the remote server is written External URL - https://smtp.domain.local , and he is the main server with https://main.domain.local/ redirects to https://smtp.domain.local/.