arrow_back A software package (distribution) for accepting payments?

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Here's the situation. We have cab dispatchers. Cab drivers. The drivers top up the account in cash, giving the money to the dispatcher. We need to get rid of such an occupation for dispatchers. Everything used to be done through ...with a percentage charge for a web interface with statistics... Now it's all shutting down. What to raise the terminals and transport that payments go directly without intermediaries?


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Cryptocurrencies ;) only they, if you use them, allow you to make money transfers directly without intermediaries.

On the topic, accepting payments are engaged in payment systems electronic wallets and the banks themselves

Banks are reluctant to issue api plus if you do not want to pay anything (and there will be commissions in all cases), there is a "know-how" (will stop working after a certain volume of transfers, banks in Russia have lost all brakes) - Sberbank offers a service - mobile informing (or mobile payment, it seems there just in 2 it was divided - only information and the ability to more and payment via sms) when any movement on the account of an individual accompanied by a detailed sms with a format not changing for years. You go to a freelancer who pilots an application for a smartphone that analyzes sms from the bank and collects information about the payers (there are full names).

Also, sberbank can give a qr-code (or you can make it yourself, you should read their documents), which will be able to make payments using sberbankonline.

With caution with the same names and as those who want to pay not from your account, offer to add to the transfer message - a code that tells the dispatcher, this message will be visible in the sms.

And cab drivers - in Sberbank, if there is a service mobile payment (30r per month it seems, it is thrust on all customers), you can only make a transfer using sms


write yourself / hire a freelancer, judging by the description you need to integrate into an existing system?
No. Cash is involved here. The company then reports on it. Let me explain more transparently. dispatchers are sitting. the driver can go to their account to deposit, and can come to the terminal (entering the call sign) and the terminal will take the money and credit them over the local network (according to the written transport) to the driver's account. I just need a software package without intermediaries that according to the written transport only we will credit the money.