arrow_back How to hack a redmi phone?

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There is a locked phone of a deceased relative, the password to unlock it of course I do not know. I would like to get access to it. I have no time constraints, but I'd like to see what pictures and videos are left there. Where to look for some exploits or a program for brute force passwords? Or how to dump the memory directly, again, where can I find out how much it costs, and what to do with it then? Google's search sends a dump of the same type of articles on how to dump everything with a full vyp. This is not a consideration. The value of the pipe itself is not important to me.


Is the internal drive not detected when connected to a computer via USB?
Sand If there is a lock, of course it is not detected
1. Model apparatus
2. What is the condition of the loader?
Contact NSO These guys can hack anything :)

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You need an unlocked bootloader to install TWRP/OrangeFox and remove these files from /data/system: gesture.key; locksettings.db; locksettings.db-wal; locksettings.db-shm; password.key; gatekeeper.pattern.key; gatekeeper.password.key;
And to unlock the bootloader, you need an unlocked phone to get into settings, but you don't know the phone password.

Conclusion: Unlocking / breaking the phone without losing data on the phone is impossible!
Unlocking/breaking the phone only by resetting.