arrow_back How long would it take for the ads to be restored?

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In the application was suspended display ads, after I fixed everything and the application passed a positive check, I received an email that would start displaying ads it takes a little time. How much time should it take for the ads to show again?

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If a restriction has been imposed on an individual app, as a rule, you first need to fix the app itself in the marketplace, after checking it and publishing an update, send it to admoba for checking. Admob usually checks in a few hours and starts showing ads pretty quickly (it seemed to me that immediately; at most, on the same day).
If ads are restricted to the whole admob account because of suspicious traffic, then it's 1-4 weeks, and sometimes more. The reasons are not clear. But if anyone has a clue, please write me a PM and we'll discuss them, because I'm struggling with these restrictions since last summer.

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I was limited to one app, but for some reason the ads didn't show up in other apps either.