arrow_back How do you roll up something like this?

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There is some working field that you can move around in. On it you can drag and drop blocks with certain commands, and these blocks can be connected to each other with arrows. I have attached a picture with an example below.

How do you roll up something like that? Maybe there are some ready-made templates with similar functionality or some articles on the Internet?

Naturally, I don't want a complete match with this picture. All that matters is the functionality itself (working field -> drag and drop blocks -> connect them with arrows) and some kind of user-friendly design.

I tried to find a realization of this idea on the Internet, but I did not find it, because I did not come up with a short and precise search query for the search engine.

Thank you in advance for your answer.


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There are essentially 2 plugins for you to find:
1) connecting lines by type
2) and a drag-and-drop plugin like
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