arrow_back Is it possible to get the tabs back in this way?

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Hello, happy holiday to all.
Recently, my browser crashed and all the tabs flew (there were a lot of them, I needed them for training, from one page took a little information and closed).
After restarting, when you could click "restore tabs" it crashed again. Then after another restart it did not offer to restore.
I used a specialized program to restore the file session_nablist and Tabs_nablist, the one I had when the tabs went down.
Then I renamed these files and replaced the current session_nablist and Tabs_nablist files with them.
But it had no effect: the browser simply "ignored" it and did not launch any tabs.
I also opened the files with a text editor and from there copied all the content into the current session_nablist and Tabs_nablist files of the browser.
But in the file itself, everything looked fine, but after I copied, where I copied everything looked like a scattered and chaotic - not as in the original.

Q: How can I restore tabs? I understand that it has to do with the set of digits after session_?
And would it help if I changed the time to when the tabs are supposed to be off?

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Ctrl + H- and restore any tabs from the past that you need.
But I'd rather worry about the browser "crashing out."


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Thank you, of course, some of the tabs I recovered this way, which were recently opened. But most of them will take a very long time to recover. If there are no other ways, I will really have to restore with this method.
Isn't there a faster way? And why does the browser "ignore" the replaced file?
And about the browser: it actually rarely crashes, in the few times when it crashed I was able to restore via "restore tabs", it's just this time so it happened.
hint000 I agree, it's not very convenient. But if the work is so tied to the tabs, it is better to find an extension for the tab manager, or even write one yourself, it is not difficult.
hint000 That's right. It wasn't a year ago, but it's been a long time.
any tabs from the past
So, yes, but there is one disadvantage. If a tab was opened a year ago, and then remained open the whole year, you have to rewind the history back to a year ago. And there are 100500 tabs that were opened and closed a minute later, but the history is saved. It means that time spent on searching through browser history will make even a bearded IT guy weep. There is still a lot to work on in the UX of browsers.
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Don't keep the information you need in tabs.
Create a tex file and copy.... there


Drno , I wrote "(there were a lot of them, were needed for training, from one page took a little information and closed)" that is, "tex file and copy it there" - I did so, and this was the ultimate goal, but did not finish.
With tabs that I know I'll need later, that's what I do.
And these are the ones you need, but you may need them now, or maybe a month from now.
JoshGeorge I'm not talking about the tabs, I'm talking about the team.