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There is a table with the upload of categories and products. Need to count how many items in each category.
This left just a General list of categories (now 1500хкол of items in each). I got a list where for instance the category "Shoes", found 560 times. So in the category shoes 560 products.

As a General summary for all categories? The table counted the number of duplicates and put the amount for each unique value

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The answer above is correct, but if you add a new value, you will need to extend the formula further
There are other, more optimal variant

=QUERY(A1:A,"select count(A),A group by A")

Choose a range of values; specify the column you want to count; rejoice
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Judging by the description of the task, suited such:

1. In a separate column display all unique values of the categories with the function of UNIQUE


2. Count the number of duplicates for each category using COUNTIF