arrow_back Vue.js and SEO duplicated the code for search engines?

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The store's website on Laravel 5.7 + vue.js .
When you first download the title and meta tags (title, keywords and description) are given with Beck. There is a filter system (SPA), when clicking on a filter vue.js sends Ajax and pulling header + all of these meta tags. If you overload the page where you entered the filters, the title and meta tags for this combination, catch up with Beck and then again work SPA.
Exaggerated example code
<template v-if="meta.title">
<h1>{{ meta.title }}</h1>
<h1 v-else>Заголовок с бэка</h1>

Отдел сео недоволен, что есть дублирование заголовка. Считывают ли поисковики то, что располагается в теге template?

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It's just not 100%, but just a recommendation.
All right you say, let them look in the direction of ssr.
Here's a video on filling -
here about how Google indexit JS
P. S See the page source in the browser, and draw conclusions ,because the bots can see the source code already
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h1 can be used in any amount but the case. The most striking example that I cite is the website Yandex.
Look at this:

20 headings h1 on the front page!!!!! Probably yandex fools and understand nothing about the indexing sites and zelov in the layout.

Интересно, почему они так сделали?? Может потому что они выделили ключевые разделы на своей странице?

Наверное всё таки да и сделали правильно. Сеошники вообще живут в каменном веке, они не знают, что такое html5, они не знают, что такое SPA и как с ним работать, они не знают что такое семантика. Я всегда их терпеть не мог.

А если крутить ниже, подгружая другие секции, то кол-во h1 увеличивается


Raccoon my message is not about specifications, etc., and about the fact that the use multiple h1 in the case does not have an effect on SEO. Again, h1 identifies the key section(or the section tag, and content blocks) that helps in some way to the search engine.
Dima Turks So then Yandex has no sections, which could accommodate h1. Do not think that Yandex should be used as a reference when sravnenii with the usual website. And actually, my question refers not to the field specifications, and to the field of SEO.
Raccoon It's not to allow for headers invented, but they invented in order to highlight key sections on the website, such as Yandex very much.
Further, the html5 standard allows the use of multiple h1 headers, proceeding from the semantic point of view as an example, where the answer is links. Or, just Google
And you will find many videos and articles that there is no problem and everything is OK.
Might just be Yandex can afford such posplit?