arrow_back How to call a LikeDislike on the parent page?

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Hello! Tell me!

The article has a call LikeDislike, it works fine, but the results of the vote are unable to display parent.

This code in the page post:

[[!LikeDislike?    &tpl=`mini_likedislik`     &name=`Mini Likedislik`]]

How to display results on page?

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if you need results dig in the direction of the id page of the ballot and its name.
or look at the source code

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It took a long time, but I figured it out!
If someone new to Modx, it will be useful:

Copy in child resource:

[[!LikeDislike? &name=`[[*pagetitle]]` &rating=`type=1`]]

Create TV field named likeDislike
Output, by calling the tv likeDislike!