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On Dev QA you can get an answer to your question on any IT topic from community members who are well versed in this topic.

Ask questions and get answers:

All interaction on Dev QA is based on two types of publications: questions and answers to them. Each community member can only give one answer to a specific question.

There are two ways to get an answer: ask a question yourself, or find an existing one and subscribe to it. In both cases, you will receive notifications about new responses by email or in notifications on the site.

Community members mark good responses with the "Like" button, and they go up in the list of responses. The author of the question can also mark the answer as the solution: this will mean that the answer was personally useful to him.

You can clarify the question or answer in the comments. If a lot of additional information appears in the conversation, please edit your question or answer and add this information to it.

Follow the topics that interest you

All questions on Habr Q&A are linked to tags that indicate the subject area to which the question relates. You can subscribe to any tag and receive notifications about questions that appear on this topic.

The "All tags" section contains a list of all existing topics on the site, among which you can find interesting ones and subscribe. You can also find any tag using a global site search.

As soon as new questions are added to the tags you subscribe to, they appear in the "My feed" section. You can also get a weekly digest of the most interesting questions about your tags. Help others and earn a reputation

Whenever someone subscribes to your question or someone likes your answer, or someone marks your answer with a "solution" mark, you earn an extra reputation.

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