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How do I get the content of a tag? Good afternoon, please tell me how to get the content of a tag with this class: <div class="table-component-factor-value_single--3htyA _compact--3M7la" style="width ...
answered Dec 22, 2021
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Any examples of sites in pure html, css and js, without cms and other designers? It's a working site. As much as I look, everywhere uses some kind of cms or framework. If you have such examples, please share them. ...
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Replacing placeholder color with regular CSS color? How is it on the is an intu search made that you can change the color of the placeholder with a normal color parameter? ...
answered Sep 20, 2021
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PHP + cURL file saving? There is a page that generates and sends a file through the header: header("Content-type: text/plain");header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=file.txt"); On t ...
answered Feb 10, 2021
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How to prevent leakage of customer data? Good day to you all. Set an interesting task in remote mode. The task is that managers without knowing the phone numbers can contact the client. How do I make a call fr ...
answered Feb 6, 2021
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To run JS after the page is loaded from cache?In short: There are numbered ajax page with products. Some of the products that have select's that are processed by the js functions. Now they start at $(document).on('pj ...
answered Mar 23, 2020
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The generation of the SKU from the title and variations?Welcome! In _SKU record Title + Variation (for simple product only Title)? It is necessary to update via WP All Import the existing products in the store (more than 8000) ...

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