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What is the right way to study design? Goal: to become a motion designer. There's a plan: - Take a course in graphic design (learn the basics of design: color, composition, shapes, typography) - learn illu ...
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Does multiple subclasses affect page performance? If one class has a hundred subclasses that don't create new styles-they just "are," does that affect page performance, and if so, how much? .button.01 {      color: #ff ...
asked Apr 4, 2021
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How do I know if the animation is too heavy? There is one animation, rather bloated code. I'm afraid that on some devices or for users with a weak Internet it will be a stumbling block - the page will take a long t ...
asked Apr 2, 2021
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What, how and where to learn web design? Godmother is going to study web-designer after school at the institute. Can you tell me where to send her, where to read, watch videos and who will explain what this is ...
commented Apr 2, 2021
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How much is a beginner web designer really earn in 2020? I'm just starting to get into this subject and don't know if I should move forward and hope for anything. There are no jobs in my city, so I decided to realize my creati ...
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How do I make this animation in AE? Opening and closing menus. I want to make a video with similar animation, but in AE, to be honest, I'm not strong. If this is not a difficult task, can you please descri ...
asked Mar 21, 2021

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